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2016 NISD Summer Feeding Program

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Did you know that Child Nutrition Services serves over 115,000 Total Meals Every Day! Approximately 1300 Dedicated Employees work as a team to provide nutritious meals to students, staff and guests. Let your taste buds be your guide, as you visit and dine with us!


Working together for student academic success by providing nutritious meals in a cost effective and pleasant environment while maintaining Local, State and Federal Guidelines.


In collaboration with the Student Achievement Plan:

  • To promote a healthy, nutritious environment for learning. 
  • To develop and deliver Quality menus.
  • To enhance Service in all areas of our operation.
  • To ensure Value to all of our customers.


  • We value serving our customers.
  • We value nutritious meals for academic excellence.
  • We value the opportunity to educate communities about good nutrition.
  • We value each other.

See you at the N-Zone Café!

Thomas Wherry
Director of Child Nutrition Services